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Since you are lucky enough to live in the beautiful Pasadena, CA area, you get plenty of benefits from the sun! Almost every time we walk out our doors, we are blessed to see a blue sky and feel the warm sunshine on our skin. Even better, you're not far from gorgeous waterfront areas that allow you to relax, enjoy beautiful views, and spend time out on the water. You already love the sun in sunny California, but Voltaic is here to help you love it even more! We started our company because we are passionate about spreading the word about solar energy. We have seen the huge difference that top quality residential solar panels can make in the lives of local home and business owners, and we want you to be able to experience this, too! 

We know that sorting through all the options of ‘local solar installers near me’ can be time-consuming, so we truly appreciate the opportunity to tell you more about how Voltaic can assist you. We built our company on the principles of treating customers correctly, and you can learn even more about what makes Voltaic unique by researching our website at www.voltaicnow.com. We know that you have a choice when you are searching for ‘solar installers near me’, and our team members will be happy to answer your questions and provide a quote without any cost or obligation to you. 

Voltaic offers upgraded technology and great pricing, so now is a great chance to learn more about whether residential solar panels are the right fit for your home and your specific needs. Our team members would be happy to speak with you, so we encourage you to give us a call soon. We look forward to helping you on your solar energy journey!